Online Safety


Parents must have frequent and open conversations with their children about their online behavior as well as its risks and rewards. This type of transparent communication may help build stronger trust between parents and children; hopefully this will encourage children to share more information about their online interactions, and, in turn, alert their parents when they encounter any suspicious activity or conversations online.

Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security

Today's kids need digital skills to be successful in school and beyond. Help them to develop a healthy relationship with technology by teaching them to use it wisely and appropriately for both school work and fun. 

Whether you are introducing your toddler to an iPad or helping your teen apply for college, we've got advice for you to navigate the online world and set healthy standards for tech use in your home. 

Teens need digital skills to be successful in school and beyond. This is also an important time to talk to your child about their future. What they choose to post online can have a lasting impact so it is important to discuss their digital reputation.  


Even if your teen is more tech savvy than you, it's up to you to set the tone for appropriate use of technology and social media. Below you can find resources to help guide you as a parent and to share with your teen to encourage positive tech use.