Digital Safety 101


The three biggest issues our children face with their screens: Sexting, Cyberbullying and Porn; today’s t/weens encounter and have to navigate these three issues on a daily basis.

Jo will explain the dynamics involved to parents, along with helping them cultivate appropriate responses and philosophies so they can help their kids do the same.  He will also walk parents thorough the five most important points to hit when designing proactive family guidelines and house rules around technology.

“It’s an important presentation about technology, Internet safety, and your kids.” said Langford. “I want parents of students ages 8-18yrs to have an overview of teen behavior in this digital age and understand the risks and benefits of online life. It’s vital to learn how to balance out your child’s digital world with boundaries, etiquette, and good judgment, and I want to plug the gaps otherwise filled by misinformed peers and pop culture.”

With scary statistics like 98% of boys being exposed to pornography before the age of 18, and at least 43% of teens receiving bullying text messages and derogatory posts on their social networking accounts, parents need to understand behaviors that, if left unattended, can impact their child’s development and wellbeing.

Young people’s advice for preventing online hate

Jo Langford

joJo Langford is the author of Spare Me the Talk!, the only modern guide to healthy sexuality for boys and their parents. He is also a dad, a Master’s-level therapist and sex educator for tweens, teens and parents, in Seattle, Washington.

For the last 20 years, he has worked with t/weens, parents and professionals to promote healthy, positive and safe sexual behavior.

Jo uses information, education and humor  to help families increase their knowledge  and  self-confidence  as a proactive defense  against  the unfortunate consequences that sometimes  accompany teen, sexual  behavior.

More about his work with youth, parents and professionals to promote healthy, positive and safe sexual and social behavior can be found at his website,