Sector Leadership


The sector leaders are the foundation of the Alliance. Every corner of our community has a place at the table and a voice in how decisions are made.

- Lisa MacLeod, VARSA Co-Chair

Sector Leadership

Sector Leaders are individuals who are tightly-knitted within their sector, have a desire to lead, and have a passion for VARSA’s mission. They:

Have strong and multiple social, demographic, or business connections within their sector, and the ability to develop and maintain rapport with multiple facets of their sector and/or community.

Represent and accept diversity of beliefs, customs, and practices within their sector.

Put personal biases or issues aside when necessary to serve the greater good of the community.

Continually look for ways to reach out and engage their sector in VARSA’s events, programs, and services.

Participate in sustaining the coalition’s capacity, involvement, and energy.

Attend coalition sponsored programs, town hall meetings, and community events as much as possible.

Are willing to take ongoing trainings through VARSA.

Create clear lines of communication between the sector represented and the VARSA.

VARSA asks Sector Leaders to sign an agreement, which states they will:

Attend a minimum of eight Full Coalition Meetings annually.

Complete “Coalition Essentials” online training within three months of appointment.

Submit quarterly sector activity reports for the Full Coalition Meetings.

Cast a single vote in such actions which require a quorum of votes, and abstain from voting on subjects for which they are either inadequately informed or have a conflict of interest.

Contribute to the strategic planning process.

Participate in at least one subcommittee.

Submit a one-page document outlining concerns/ideas for their sector to the VARSA Administration Committee within three months of appointment.

As a Sector Leader, ask yourself the following questions when defining your vision for your sector. Ultimately you are asking one big question; “What is the legacy I wish to leave behind?”

Please contact the Admin Team directly if you are interested in becoming a sector leader.

Fourteen Sectors

Business Community

Pascal Py

Civic & Volunteer Groups

Lee Kimsey



Latino Community


Law Enforcement

Woody Pollock

LGBTQ Community

Eden Bossom


Lisa MacLeod

Other Orgs

Lee Kopines


Valerie Harrington

Religious & Fraternal Orgs

Nancy Vanderpool


Greg Allison

Government Agencies

Kirsten Frandsen

Youth Under 18

Lily Helsby

Youth Serving Organizations

Scott Rice