Lok-It-Up Vashon


As state and local health departments and community hospitals, we care about issues that affect public health. For example, firearm-related death is the fourth leading cause of death from injury in Washington state. Reducing the number of firearm injuries will contribute to the overall health of Washington state. Public health works to keep communities safe and healthy. We encourage people to keep medicines and other dangerous substances out of the reach of their children. We still work to keep home environments safe by identifying dangers such as lead paint, encouraging people to check their smoke detectors and identifying other safety risks to children. This campaign is very similar in keeping with the mission of public health.


June 25
Farmers Market
10:00am - 2:00pm


Get FREE locking prescription bags, liquor cabinet locks, and trigger locks. Lok-It-Up Vashon, VARSA, and firearms safety experts will be there to answer your questions.

LOK-IT-UP Vashon raises awareness about the importance of safe drug, alcohol, & firearm storage, informs the public about safe storage options, and promotes the availability of safe storage devices. The campaign focuses on family and community safety and is not intended as a policy or crime prevention program, nor does it address the issue of gun control or a private citizen's right to bear arms. The campaign is a tangible step toward reducing access to guns to prevent firearm-related deaths, injuries, suicides, theft, and school-based threats.

Visit the “Be Safe: Lock it Up” booth at the Vashon Farmers Market on June 25 from 10am to 2pm. Islanders can receive free locking prescription bags, liquor cabinet locks and gun locks. Firearms safety experts will be there to answer your questions. Special thanks go to Project Childsafe, King County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Ted Boe, Chief Deputy Pugel, Ace Hardware, and the Partnership for Success.

Part of VARSA’s "Summer Safely" Campaign Kickoff.